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From Dan Rollo <>
Subject Missing parent link in site, was Re: Error resolving parent pom (descriptor?) with site plugin
Date Thu, 23 May 2013 02:24:10 GMT
Well, I never saw a response to this, and finally got tired of the 
missing 'parent' links in maven generated sites.

At some point, it appears the maven-site-plugin stopped using the parent 
projects URL, and instead looks for the parent projects 
distributionManagement -> site -> url to determine if the parent project 
is reachable during site generation. answer my own question: My workaround was to define a 
distMgt->site-url tag in the parent pom.

Due to the way m-s-p tries to inherit the parent value of this URL and 
then append it's own artifactId (which works if your parent is located 
above you - was more viable in a svn world, not so true in a git world 
anymore), I also have to re-define the distMgt->site->url again in each 
of my child poms to ensure the child site's value is correct.

Hope this might help anyone else who is wondering how to fix the message:
[WARNING] Unable to find a URL to the parent project. The parent menu 
will NOT be added.

(My original post was about a build problem, but the missing parent link 
was also annoying...)


On 12/12/2012 11:11 PM, Dan Rollo wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm seeing something I can't figure out, and wondering if this is a
> known issue.
> I have a multi-module maven project, which has as its parent a shared
> corporate pom (in a totally different source bank location). I can build
> this project successfully via "mvn package".
> However, when I try to run the site goal, I get strange errors:
> [INFO] Parent project loaded from repository: xxx:pom-parent:pom:1.0.1
> ...
> [WARNING] Unable to find a URL to the parent project. The parent menu
> will NOT be added.
> Downloading:
> http://xxx:8080/archiva/repository/cache-central/xxx/pom-parent/1.0.1/pom-parent-1.0.1.pom
> mojoFailed org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-site-plugin:3.2(default-site)
> and after that message, the build fails.
> Just in case, I verified the parent poms site descriptor is available
> both in our shared repo, and was downloaded to the local repo.
> It as if the site plugin can't find the parent pom. Here's a another
> error message:
> Unable to read local module-POM
> cause : SiteToolException: Unable to read local module-POM
> Odder still, the "site" goal used to work fine. This problem just
> started happening after I released a new version of the parent pom, and
> updated the project to use the new released parent.
> Thanks,
> Dan

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