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From Sven Bauhan <>
Subject Re: Mismatch by inherited dependencies
Date Tue, 14 May 2013 08:39:55 GMT
Ok, perhaps you can tell me what I did wrong.
I included the javadoc plugin by:

I did not define an explicit dependency to javadoc, but in "mvn 
dependency:tree" I can see it.

Thanks, Sven

On 05/14/13 10:18, Stephen Connolly wrote:
> I think you are doing it wrong if you are adding <dependency> for plugins.
> The xpath:/project/dependencies are about specifying the classpath
> dependencies during different scopes. The
> xpath:/project/build/plugins/plugin entries are about specifying what build
> tools to use when building the artifact... such build tools are not passed
> to dependent projects.
> I am 99.99999999999% certain that you have made a mistake adding
> maven-javadoc-plugin as a dependency
> On 14 May 2013 09:09, Sven Bauhan <> wrote:
>> Hi, I have another question:
>> I have two projects, one java library and a swing application using this
>> library. For the library I use the apache maven-javadoc-plugin to create an
>> API documentation, cause this library shall be used by various applications.
>> The swing application has a dependency to this library and so it also gets
>> an inherited dependency to the javadoc plugin. With this also log4j is
>> inherited as dependency, but with an old version.
>> In the application also log4j is used, but the latest version. So we have
>> a version conflict.
>> We could solve this yet by excluding the javadoc plugin in the dependency
>> description:
>>      <dependency>
>>        <groupId>de.dfs.msg.atsm</**groupId>
>>        <artifactId>atsm-camel</**artifactId>
>>        <version>0.1-SNAPSHOT</**version>
>>        <exclusions>
>>          <exclusion>
>>            <artifactId>maven-javadoc-**plugin</artifactId>
>>            <groupId>org.apache.maven.**plugins</groupId>
>>          </exclusion>
>>        </exclusions>
>>      </dependency>
>> But this is not a good way to do, cause this has to be done by all
>> applications using the library.
>> Is there a way to define the dependency in the library pom not to be
>> inherited?
>> I saw there is a scope definition for dependencies, but I did not
>> understand this concept yet. Would this be a solution?
>> Thanks,
>> Sven
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