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From Sven Bauhan <>
Subject Mismatch by inherited dependencies
Date Tue, 14 May 2013 08:09:53 GMT
Hi, I have another question:

I have two projects, one java library and a swing application using this 
library. For the library I use the apache maven-javadoc-plugin to create 
an API documentation, cause this library shall be used by various 

The swing application has a dependency to this library and so it also 
gets an inherited dependency to the javadoc plugin. With this also log4j 
is inherited as dependency, but with an old version.
In the application also log4j is used, but the latest version. So we 
have a version conflict.

We could solve this yet by excluding the javadoc plugin in the 
dependency description:
But this is not a good way to do, cause this has to be done by all 
applications using the library.

Is there a way to define the dependency in the library pom not to be 
I saw there is a scope definition for dependencies, but I did not 
understand this concept yet. Would this be a solution?


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