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From spoots <>
Subject Re: Building selected projects with nested aggregators
Date Tue, 07 May 2013 00:39:45 GMT
Thanks for the reply, again :)

I don't think "-amd" covers my need though. Because there's no parent/child
relationship between the modules/sub-modules there's no dependency between
them. It feels to me like there's an option missing for the reactor here...

A simpler example for clarity:

    &lt;c /&gt;
    &lt;d /&gt;
    &lt;e /&gt;
  &lt;f /&gt;
  &lt;g /&gt;

Each node is a project, and sub-projects are nested. For dependencies, say
only that "c depends on f". There are no parent-child relationships.

If I want to build &lt;b&gt; with all its sub-modules (&lt;c&gt; &lt;d&gt;
&lt;e&gt;) and dependencies (&lt;f&gt;), can I do that? The only options I
see are:
1 - change to b directory, then "mvn install"
2 - from top level, "mvn install -pl a/b -amd"
3 - from top level, "mvn install -pl a/b/c,a/b/d,a/b/e -amd"

Option 1 builds the sub-modules I want, but doesn't build the dependency
Option 2 only builds the project &lt;b&gt;, none of it's sub-modules because
they are not dependents. 
Option 3 works, but it's no good because I need to know & provide all the
sub-modules of &lt;b&gt;.

Ideally there'd be an option like "-ams" (also make sub-modules) which I
could use in option 2, but I can't see any way to do it?

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