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From Wayne Fay <>
Subject Re: Can I force a plugin to not run during parent pom execution phase?
Date Wed, 03 Apr 2013 13:09:23 GMT
> Actually I don't see that as a trick at all.

This breaks my "principle of least surprise" test. Without being
explicitly told what that pom fragment would do or running it myself,
I wouldn't be entirely certain how Maven would be behave in the parent
or in the children.

> If a future version of Maven were to break the feature (add the same
> execution twice, once with inherited=true and the second with
> inherited=false and the inherited=false configuration is closer so wins)
> then I would consider that a serious bug.

On that basis alone, I agree this could be perceived as "not a bug."
But unless we are certain this is desired functionality -AND- there is
a specific IT test to capture this functionality to avoid regressions,
I'd be a little bit wary of using it myself.

IMO the right way of doing this is to use pluginManagement and add 1-2
lines referring to this plugin in the various children poms where the
plugin should be executed. This also satisfies the "least surprise"


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