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From Kevin Krumwiede <>
Subject Circular dependency and assembly plugin
Date Mon, 01 Apr 2013 03:15:06 GMT
I have a project -- let's call it A -- in which maven-assembly-plugin
is bound to the package phase.  It creates a zip file containing the
main artifact and all the project's dependencies.  This works as

I have a second project -- call it B -- that consists of plugins for
project A.  As part of building A, I'd like to have the assembly
plugin create a scripts/ directory in the zip file and unpack the
classes from B into it.

The problem is that B must depend on A.  So if I make the assembly
plugin depend on B, A won't have been installed yet when B is built,
creating a circular dependency.

What's the Maven way to solve this?  I'm thinking I could create the
zip file in a different project that is a peer or parent of A and B...


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