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From Stephen Connolly <>
Subject Re: Handle XSDs with Maven and Nexus?
Date Mon, 08 Apr 2013 08:06:26 GMT
There are many ways to skin this cat...

If I were doing this I would take the following slant...

1. I like to keep to publishing 1 build-consumable artifact per GAV... (I
don't see javadoc or sources as artifacts in this regard as they are
*typically* consumed by people and not builds)
2. I really don't mind having lots of modules.

The XSD can be generated in one of two ways:

a) The XSD is generated by hand
b) The XSD is generated from code

With the generated by hand, I would just create a separate module for the
XSD only. Unless I was doing a lot of XSDs I would hijack
<packaging>pom</packaging> and use buildhelper-m-p to attach the XSD to the
reactor that would result in the XSD being downloadable directly over
http(s) from the Maven repo that the project gets deployed to at
I would very much try to avoid doing anything else in that module, IOW when
generating code against the XSD I would do that in a different module that
depends on the XSD and uses dependency:copy-dependencies to copy the XSD
into a location where it can be fed to the code generation tools.

With the generating from code, things get a tad trickier... my goal would
be to be able to produce the XSD from the .jar by e.g. parsing annotations,
or perhaps even by unpacking the .jar and pulling out the XSD that was
embedded in the .jar if the code generation strategy puts the XSD inside
the .jar as a necessary side-effect of the code generation process... all
those would allow me to basically treat as before... *but* reality may
hit... e.g. annotations may not be retained in the compiled code, the XSD
could be generated from the javadoc comments in the source code and not
java1.5 annotations, etc... in those cases I would just attach the XSD as a
side artifact to the .jar module using buildhelper-m-p as, while it is a
noble goal to keep to 1 artifact per module, sometimes you need to do what
you need to do

On 8 April 2013 08:53, Thomas Sundberg <> wrote:

> Hi!
> We seem to want to publish XSDs (XML Schema Definitions) in a project.
> I have been told that we want to make XSDs available at a well known
> url.
> We are using Maven and I tried to sell the idea that we create a jar
> that contains the XSD and add this as a dependency in a Maven build.
> This wasn't a good enough solution.
> How would you publish a XSD for a project and make it available for
> other Maven builds?
> We are using Nexus so publishing there is an option.
> /Thomas
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