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From Karl Heinz Marbaise <>
Subject Re: [mojo-dev] Re: Build-Helper-Maven-Plugin / Build-MetaData-Maven-Plugin
Date Mon, 15 Apr 2013 19:42:46 GMT

based on the requirement which has been made to introduce a new property 
for the root of the reactor I 100% agree with Stephens argumentation.

I have taken a look into those question on SO and all of those things 
can be solved in better ways than suggested on SO, cause many people 
didn't understand Maven and it's concepts...sorry to say that in that 
harsh way...I have to admit those concepts are not that simple...

> A case in point of the improving (though not related to the idea of being
> able to get a property exposing the root (never mind the which root:
> reactor/inheritence/inheritence within reactor) but more related to
> re-engineering to make life easier) is the templating maven pluging. In the
> case of templating java source, one could do that already... just with
> about 30-50 lines of pom.xml config... now with the templating plugin
> you're looking at about 5-10 lines and 5 of those are just the standard
> <plugin><groupId><artifactId><version></plugin> boilerplate.

I made often the experience that there is always a solution but often 
it's not really short....

> My worry in providing such a property is that we enable people to hack
> together something, instead of them screaming for a better way to do XYZ
> and then the community providing that solution.

> People having to use ${basedir}/../.. and feeling uneasy about it... to my
> mind that is the perfect balance. It's quick... it's dirty... you know it's
> a hack... you know you should do better... you have the job done for now...
Yeah that's a good point !

> If we have an "official" (because that's what mojo is... the "offical" side
> project for plugins) plugin that gives the property they want... well
> people will now have the quick and dirty hack and the job done for now, but
> they won't know it's a hack, they won't know they should do better... and
> we have lost another user's use case to assist.
That's exactly the consequence out of it...

Kind regards
Karl-Heinz Marbaise
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Dipl.Ing.(FH) Karl-Heinz Marbaise        ICQ#: 135949029
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