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From "Manfred Moser" <>
Subject Re: Unpacking jars into target/classes
Date Tue, 19 Mar 2013 21:54:20 GMT
> Am 19.03.2013 14:02, schrieb Stephen Connolly:
>> Wayne,
>> Please open an issue (
>> Pull
>> requests welcome
> Just for the record: This confirms that you did that in full consent
> with both the community and your true inner beliefs.
> I had assumed such behaviour wouldn't be found acceptable in a community
> of professionals.
> I guess one of these two assumptions was wrong.
> You lost me weeks ago, but you just managed to make me regret every
> single minute I have ever spent trying to help you and Maven with
> feedback.

I am speechless to be honest. Stephen invested some of his valuable time
to provide a fix for your problem and this is all you can come up with as
a thank you.

Can you please do all of us a favor and unsubscribe from the list. I have
not seen anything positive come out of your input so far but a lot of
trolling and accusations.

I for one will stop reading your emails.


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