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From Jan Engler <>
Subject Antwort: Re: Antwort: Re: Maven Shade Plugin
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2013 11:50:49 GMT

working with a split-up build project seems to work. The only problem that 
I face in the moment is that there is not only my 2 shaded jars (api and 
api-sources) but also a file called "original-api.jar". The content of 
this jar is only the meta-inf folder and I don't want this file to be 
placed in my nexus....Any hints?


Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

Jan Engler
Central Research & Development

Erwin-Sick-Str. 1
79183 Waldkirch, Germany

Phone +49 7681 202-3214

Von:    Tim Kettler <>
An:     Maven Users List <>
Datum:  01.03.2013 09:49
Betreff:        Re: Antwort: Re: Maven Shade Plugin

Am 01.03.2013 08:26, schrieb Jörg Schaible:
> Hi Tim,
> Tim Kettler wrote:
>> Am 28.02.2013 19:47, schrieb Joachim Durchholz:
>>> Am 28.02.2013 16:24, schrieb Jan Engler:
>>>> At first: in fact this is only one artifact. The full jar contains 
>>>> classes of the dependecies, the api a reduced set (using filtern in 
>>>> shade plugin).
>>> Is there a (conceivable) Maven build that uses api.jar as a 
>>> Then it must be the main artifact at its GAV 
>>> coordinate.
>>> Is there a (conceivable) Maven build that uses full.jar as a 
>>> Then it must be the main artifact at its GAV coordinate.
>>> If both jars need to be main artifacts, they need to go to different 
>>> coordinates. Because the dependent projects that need either api.jar 
>>> full.jar have no way of specifying which of them they actually need, 
>>> dependency section in their poms can only specify the GAV coordinate.
>> That's not correct. The classifier is part of the artifact coordinates
>> just like group, artifact(name) and version. A POM can just as well
>> depend on a secondary artifact:
>>     <dependency>
>>       <groupId>foo</groupId>
>>       <artifactId>bar</artifactId>
>>       <version>1.0</version>
>>       <classifier>api</classifier>
>>     </dependency>
>> The complete coordinates of an artifact are GAVTC: group,
>> artifact(name), version, type (default is jar), classifier (default is
>> empty).
> That's not the real problem. What actually *is* a problem, if you depend 
> different artifacts that bring both jars as transitive dependencies - 
> cannot exclude e.g. the -api, because for exclusions you can only 
> GA. :-/

Ouch, never ran into this one.

> - Jörg


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