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From Brian Fox <>
Subject Re: Unpacking jars into target/classes
Date Wed, 20 Mar 2013 14:08:52 GMT
I haven't had time lately to follow a lot of the user list threads,
but this one got my attention so I read the whole thing last night.
Without having any background on Joachim's previous threads, and
judging everything only based on this one, I was kind of
surprised...not in a good way. If this was my first foray into the
community, I probably wouldn't stay long since it seems quite
passive-aggressively hostile.

What I see is Joachim asking a fair question with constraints that I
personally find overly restrictive but then I don't know all the back
story that produced those constraints. I don't know why our response
needed to go beyond a simple statement like "take a look at
dependency, assembly, shade or truezip plugins since they have the
ability to unpack stuff". Instead it reads like a bunch of preaching
and people convincing him that it's the wrong way. If someone is
receptive to alternate suggestions fine, but this felt forced and then
there was a pig-pile effect of people jumping in.

For what it's worth, my very first plugin (the copy-unpack plugin
which later became the dependency plugin) started with a very similar
use case where I needed to unpack some stuff. I recall having
discussions on IRC about this but they weren't evangelistic, rather
"that's a new use case, you might need to write or modify a plugin,
let us know if you need pointers along the way." That's the community
we should have here, not one that looks like an immune system
attacking a foreign body.

On Wed, Mar 20, 2013 at 2:22 AM, Baptiste MATHUS <> wrote:
> +1 on everything, Manfred.
> And for the record, in case anyone is wondering if that mailing list if
> often like that, please read some other threads...
> I never saw that kind of thing here.
> Le 19 mars 2013 22:54, "Manfred Moser" <> a écrit :
>> > Am 19.03.2013 14:02, schrieb Stephen Connolly:
>> >> Wayne,
>> >>
>> >> Please open an issue (
>> >> Pull
>> >> requests welcome
>> >
>> > Just for the record: This confirms that you did that in full consent
>> > with both the community and your true inner beliefs.
>> >
>> > I had assumed such behaviour wouldn't be found acceptable in a community
>> > of professionals.
>> > I guess one of these two assumptions was wrong.
>> >
>> > You lost me weeks ago, but you just managed to make me regret every
>> > single minute I have ever spent trying to help you and Maven with
>> > feedback.
>> I am speechless to be honest. Stephen invested some of his valuable time
>> to provide a fix for your problem and this is all you can come up with as
>> a thank you.
>> Can you please do all of us a favor and unsubscribe from the list. I have
>> not seen anything positive come out of your input so far but a lot of
>> trolling and accusations.
>> I for one will stop reading your emails.
>> manfred
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