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From Joachim Durchholz>
Subject Re: Unpacking jars into target/classes
Date Sun, 17 Mar 2013 16:30:43 GMT
Am 16.03.2013 11:54, schrieb Anders Hammar:
>> Jira would be an option, but unfortunately, my time is limited and I'll
>> leave that to people who are already registered and know how to split up a
>> report into meaningful, addressable chunks and file them under the right
>> section.
> I'm sorry Joachim, but I find that statement very offensive! Do you think
> that other people's time is less valuable and that we don't have limited
> time?

You forgot the other part of the statement: People who have more 
experience with the Maven Jira would have to spend less of their time.

Also, there's personal priorities. In fact you're just now trying to 
dictate my priorities by indicating that not adding a report to Jira is 
offensive to you.

If you feel offended by that, you should probably readjust something.

 > A lot of people here has put in time answering your questions,

Not to mention the abuse, evangelization, useless distractions, &cetera.

So you're also trying a guilt trip on me...

 > but
> you can't find some time to help improve the docs with the info that you
> think is missing?

Actually, there's also lack of interest.
However, explaining the details behind that would indeed be offensive 
and (FAR more importantly) just reiterate well-known issues so I 
wouldn't help anybody with that.
That's why I deleted that paragraph from my message.

 > It will help the next person (which could have been you
> if someone before you had done this).

Sorry, not buying that.

> To me open source software is about everyone helping out.

Sure. Go over to SymPy and help out there, that's a project that I have 
contributed to.
Not your interest? How dare you!!!

 > The very least I
> expect is for people to file tickets about bugs and improvements they find.
> No one can do everything, but everyone can do something!

Let me say it with Anastacia:

Somehow this list seems to be harboring a lot of people who like to tell 
me what to think, what to be grateful for, what the best structure for 
my project should be, and whom to acknowledge as ethically and 
technically superior.
If find that... funny. Sort of.
And patronizing.


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