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From Willem Voogd <>
Subject Re: git release:prepare does not commit the poms (Linux)
Date Fri, 08 Mar 2013 08:54:22 GMT
BTW With 2.4 the tag *is* set remote as well, according to my milage...

Op 07-03-13 20:01, Mark Derricutt schreef:
> The 2.4 git problems are related to the release plugin ignoring local 
> checkout/disabling push settings primarily, so that your release is 
> tagged locally, but then MRP tries to clone the tag from upstream and 
> fails.
> Either way, dropping back to 2.3.2 to eliminate those issues would be 
> a good point of call.
> One thing I've also noticed that sounds familiar, make sure you don't 
> have a in your working directory prior to a new 
> release - sometimes I've noticed it gets left behind somehow and 
> depending on whats in that file, MRP will "resume the release" from a 
> point where it thinks your version number has already been updated - 
> and thus releases/deploys a -SNAPSHOT to your release repo.
> Mark
> Robert Scholte wrote:
>> could you try to use maven-release-plugin 2.3.2?
>> There are some known issues with GIT and the maven-release-plugin 
>> 2.4, which need to be fixed in the SCM project first. 
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