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From Mark Derricutt <>
Subject Re: git release:prepare does not commit the poms (Linux)
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2013 19:01:21 GMT
The 2.4 git problems are related to the release plugin ignoring local 
checkout/disabling push settings primarily, so that your release is 
tagged locally, but then MRP tries to clone the tag from upstream and fails.

Either way, dropping back to 2.3.2 to eliminate those issues would be a 
good point of call.

One thing I've also noticed that sounds familiar, make sure you don't 
have a in your working directory prior to a new 
release - sometimes I've noticed it gets left behind somehow and 
depending on whats in that file, MRP will "resume the release" from a 
point where it thinks your version number has already been updated - and 
thus releases/deploys a -SNAPSHOT to your release repo.


Robert Scholte wrote:
> could you try to use maven-release-plugin 2.3.2?
> There are some known issues with GIT and the maven-release-plugin 2.4, 
> which need to be fixed in the SCM project first. 

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