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From Joachim Durchholz>
Subject Re: Unpacking jars into target/classes
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2013 12:31:30 GMT
(Sorry, more philosphy ahead, just trying to explain my situation to Adrien)

Am 07.03.2013 12:16, schrieb Adrien Rivard:
>> I claim that Maven's stance of essentially requiring a repository manager
>> needlessly complicates the build infrastructure.
> It may complicate the build infrastrucure but it simplify and homogenize a
> lots all the builds of all your project.

To date, I have been using Maven in one environment with a MRM and one 
The MRM-based development got more complicated. I do see the advantages 
that an MRM can offer, but these have been irrelevant for our situation.

 > Which is what Maven is all about.

I get that.
Trouble is that at the current project sizes, homogenization isn't 
giving me much of an advantage. I have inhomogenous jar imports, I have 
inhomogenous deployment scenarios, and there's nothing I can do about 
either side.

> If you don't want to use a repository manager, just don't use Maven, Maven
> is not flexible by design.

Understood, and a conclusion I have reached quite a while ago.

Unfortunately, changing the build tool is never an easy option.
So for now, I'm stuck with Maven, whether it's the right tool for the 
job or not, and I'll have to somehow make it work whatever the problems.


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