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From Joachim Durchholz>
Subject Re: Unpacking jars into target/classes
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2013 10:37:00 GMT
Am 07.03.2013 10:00, schrieb Jörg Schaible:
> Hi,
> Joachim Durchholz wrote:
>> Am 07.03.2013 05:51, schrieb Matthew Adams:
>>> Quick jist:
>>> 1. Use maven-install-plugin's
>>> install-file<
> plugin/install-file-mojo.html>goal
>>> to make maven artifacts out of the jars you intend to unpack, and do
>>> it in any phase prior to process-classes (or do this first in the
>>> process-classes phase).
>> The overall organisational project structure does not allow any central
>> servers beyond the SCM.
>> It would also be silly to redundantly store a perfectly stable jar in a
>> Maven repo just to make Maven happy.
> But that's the point: Maven is all about conventions. It will not help you a
> lot in other regards - on purpose.

So if a tool doesn't what it should, that's just on purpose? Come on.
Oh, and conventions are useless unless applied to some domain, and Maven 
does indeed have domains (dependency management, builds, build stability).

Sorry to sound harsh, but "it's on purpose" is just a cheap cop-out.

 > If you don't want to follow this
> conventions, it is probably no the right tool for your job.

I claim that Maven's stance of essentially requiring a repository 
manager needlessly complicates the build infrastructure.


P.S.: Not that discussing Maven's philosophy helps my original problem 
in any way... essentially you're saying "Maven can't do that and that's 
okay", and I say "if Maven can't do that by design, then the design of 
Maven is broken".
You consider my position baseless because, from your perspective, I want 
the undesirable; I consider your position baseless because you're 
putting some very abstract theory about what's desirable ahead of very 
concrete and practical needs, and I consider theory useless if it 
doesn't cover all bases.
Given that situation, I don't think it's going to be very fruitful to 
discuss Maven's philosophy.

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