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From Joachim Durchholz>
Subject Unpacking jars into target/classes
Date Sat, 02 Mar 2013 20:32:04 GMT
Hi all,

I have two jars from an external source and need to merge their contents 
into the target/classes tree until the process-classes phase.
I'm not sure what plugin(s) can be used to achieve this effect.

Directory structure:
- external (directory tree that holds the externally-provided files)
   - libs
     - cubes.jar (class files)
     - cubes-resources.jar (nonclass files)
   - license etc. (other data, irrelevant to task at hand)
   (yeah I know the structure sucks, can't do anything about it)
- target (maven scratchpad)
   - classes (files for main artifact jar are collected here I think)

I need the files inside libs/cubes.jar and libs/cubes-resource.jar 
unpacked and placed inside target/classes, preserving the in-jar 
directory structure.

I want this to run in the process-classes, latest, because that's the 
last pertinent phase that m2e will run.

What's the best (least-hassle) plugin that will do this?


P.S.: Please resist the temptation to tell me that I want the wrong 
thing. I need help with solving a problem, I don't need a lecture.

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