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From Jeff Lusted <>
Subject File permissions after deploy using scpexe
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2013 14:53:50 GMT
I'm using maven 2.2.1 and I have Nexus 2.2-01 open source version installed.
The client and server OS's involved are both Ubuntu 11.10.

I'm interested here in considering a snapshot repository, where I might
expect quite a bit of traffic from developers. To deploy I have the
distributionManagement set up to use scpexe. The problem I've encountered by
experimenting is that all files and directories created on the remote
snapshot repository have the user that submitted the mvn deploy command as
both owner and primary group  (ie: JohnDoe as user and JohnDoe as primary

When I then try as another developer on the same project, I get permission
problems. I can see this being frustrating for co-operating developers in a
small team. Actually, I can imagine the same problem surfacing on a related
project on a different team; eg: where a new artifact within the same maven
group was in concurrent development. But I haven't tried the latter
experiment yet.

Of course I can get around this in a number of ways. I can set the file and
directory permissions for the server within the settings.xml file to allow
write access to all. Or I can set up a group (say 'nexus') on the server
machine, make all developers a member of this group, and periodically on a
cron job change the group on all relevant directories and files within the
snapshot repository. 

But I suspect there might be a smoother, maven way of doing this that I have
overlooked. Is there a better way? Or have I been stupid and misunderstood
the problem altogether?


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