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From "Robert Scholte" <>
Subject Re: question about release:branch with CVS
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2013 20:34:16 GMT

you haven't specified the version of the maven-release-plugin you're  
using. If you haven't locked the version, it is probably 2.0, which is  
rather old. You should try 2.4.
If remote tagging is not supported CVS yet, please create an for the SCM  
project[1], patches are always very welcome.



Op Tue, 26 Feb 2013 13:52:28 +0100 schreef Andras Nagy  

> Dear All,
> I have a question regarding the release plugin's branch goal. What I am
> trying to achieve (using CVS for scm) is this:
> -I have a release on the HEAD, let's call this 1.1, with release tag
> "REL_1_1"
> -I have new changes committed to HEAD (in 1.1-SNAPSHOT)
> -I have to fix a bug in 1.1 immediately, without introducing any of the
> changes that have happened on HEAD into the bugfix release, so I need  to
> start a branch from 1.1 (say "FIX_1_1"), fix the bug on the branch and
> create the bugfix release (say 1.1.0) from this branch
> My question: is the release:branch goal supposed to be supporting this  
> use
> case? I assumed yes, as I have found this example:
> mvn release:branch -DbranchName=my-branch -DupdateBranchVersions=true
> -DupdateWorkingCopyVersions=false
> *Note:* This can be useful if you want to create a branch from a tag
> But maybe I'm misinterpreting something, because I couldn't get it to  
> work
> with these steps:
> -I check out release 1.1 from CVS, using the REL_1_1 release tag
> -I want to preform release:branch on this working copy
> what happens for me is that the release plugin modifies the pom before
> creating the branch, and wants to commit it, which it naturally can't do,
> because the working copy still corresponds to the "starting point" of the
> branch (which is an "immutable" state, tagged with the REL_1_1 tag,  
> being a
> sticky tag in the working copy). I have to admit I don't understand this
> logic, as I suppose that the branch would need to be created in the first
> step to be able to perform any changes.
> Would my scenario be supported with: "-DsuppressCommitBeforeBranch=true
> -DremoteTagging=true", supposed that remoteTagging were supported for  
> CVS?
> (As I read, it's not yet supported for CVS). If yes, are you planning on
> supporting it? (Remote tagging is pretty straightforward with CVS).
> Thank you,
> Andras

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