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From Wayne Fay <>
Subject Re: dynamically select resources and apply filtering
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2013 15:14:48 GMT
I don't want to speak for Ron, but I'll fill in my interpretation of
his comments...

> so your suggestion would be to have maven do the compile, and a kind
> of 'war:exploded', and then run ant to add the customized files and create
> the war file, is that correct?

Not at all. I believe he is saying, use Maven for what it does best
all the way up to the deploy phase. Then invent some other tooling to
download these files from your MRM and customize them for the various
clients and environments. The results of that customization may end up
in your MRM (under a client/environment-specific artifactId, perhaps)
or simply being installed directly into the various servers they will
run on.

> or should I write a plugin that does that for me?

Well, you'll need to write "something" but not necessarily a Maven
plugin because this will be running outside of your normal Maven build
process. It could be in Ant or any other language/tooling.

> then, what should I use to customise and deploy distribution kits?

This is undefined from Maven's point of view. Maven helps you build
the code. What you are talking about is Configuration Management which
is not one of Maven's core concerns.


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