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From "" <>
Subject AW: Is there any generic Maven code generator?
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2013 09:57:06 GMT
Ahem ... this wasn't quite the path I was indenting to go with my question.

What I am looking for is a generator-plugin that uses a template engine (such as Velocity)
to generate code, and uses as input an pojo-object model representing the details of a Java
class that it should generate code for. 

Now I would like to have (or create, if I have to) a plugin, that allows me to specify which
classes I am addressing using some include/exclude config.

I could configure different include/exclude groups, each one in one execution and for each
I could provide a set of:
- resourceTemplates
- testResourceTemplates
- sourceStubTemplates
- sourceTemplates
- testSourceStubTemplates
- testSourceTemplates
- ...
So for each matched class, I could generage:
- resources into the target/generated-resources directory using the resourceTemplates (could
be more than one)
- testResources into the target/generates-test-resources directory using the testResourceTemplates,
- source code into target/generated-sources ...
- test source code into target/generated-test-sources ...

One speciality I liked with GraniteDS was the ability to have auto-generated stub-classes
generated in src/main/java ... if a class allready existed, no code would be generated, but
if a class didn't exist, it would be generated. This was great for creating classes that extend
other generated classes and to allow customization. Something simple as this: 

public class MyClass extends MyClassBase {

And MyClassBase is generated to target/generated-sources.

With such a plugin I could be able to generate my JPA MetaModel classes, my DTOs, SQL scripts,
... and wouldn't have to configure thousands of different generators. People could develop
best-practice templates for general purpose tasks.

Hope this clarified, what I was looking for.

If nothing similar exists, I would like to start developing something like this, because I
think it would make my life a lot easier.


Von: Stadelmann Josef []
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013 09:52
An: Maven Users List
Betreff: AW: Is there any generic Maven code generator?

A code generator needs input. Hence some "generic formal language" is used to specify the
input to the genric code generator? UML? Visualization of a generic language could mean -
speak UML, UML is a reality today. UML modells can says much more then 1000 words? Hence I
opt for better integration of modelling tools with maven. Also roundtrip engineering is a
must. Enterprise Architect (EA) is able to generate code from UML and other diagrams for many
target compiler and it helps you to have code, modell and documentation in sync. And EA can
be feed with code and generates your diagramms. A task which only ends when the modells become
to complex. Maven is much about geting and nailing dependent components together. If maven
finds the dependecies, a tool like EA could use input to draw i.e. the component diagram,
maybe a maven plugin can pave the way for EA. Other whise, in my mind, there are far too many
tools around and I get to often the feeling that each time a problem developes, folk starts
to seek a tool to avoid some brain work. So if one knows in which aspects maven poms could
be used toward EA to get ceratin artiacs visualized for better understanding, that would be
almost a very good step into proper direction. Josef

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Von: []
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2013 12:31
Betreff: Is there any generic Maven code generator?

I just posted this to Stackoverflow, but after posting I realized, that I should have come
here first :-(

I am currently working on a project, that makes intense usage of code generation for various
purposes. One generator generates SQL scripts from jpa entities. Another generates DTOs from
pojos, another generates the JPA2.0 meta model, jet another generates some xml and schema
files based on Java classes ... each generator works completely different needs to be configured

My question now is ... is there any generic maven code generator plugin out there with the
following attributes:

Creates a pojo model of a Java class (Names, Properties, Annotation, Methods ...)
Uses templates for defining the output that uses the pojo model to generate any output.
Allows me to specify multiple templates for one class
Allows me to generate code and resources
Allows me to generate a base class to target/generated-sources and a dummy implementation
to src/main/java which simply extends the base class (If the dummy class in src/main/java
exists, nothing happens, if it doesn't it generates such a dummy class. This code is checked
in to the SCM and allows extending the generated classes manually)

I am using the Flexmojos GraniteDS plugin for generating my ActionScript model code, but it's
pretty specialized for that particular purpose.

I think such a generic generator would make things a lot easier ... is there something like
that available out there, or do I have to start implementing it myself?


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