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From Ron Wheeler <>
Subject Re: dynamically select resources and apply filtering
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2013 20:31:22 GMT
Why not move the production of the software to Maven and leave the 
assembly in Ant.
That would give you the best of both worlds.

On 25/02/2013 2:41 PM, Jean-Noël Colin wrote:
> Hi
> I'm trying to migrate my project from ant to maven, but I'm facing a few difficulties;
I need to build my project for different environments (customers, so possibly a long list).
In my ant project, I had several .properties file, one per customer; in this file, I had properties
used to customize some config file; I managed to use resource filtering to achieve this.
> However, some properties defined a filename that needed to be copied to the war archive,
but under a common name. For instance, I had several logos: logo_customer1.jpg, logo_customer2.jpg,
logo_customer3.jpg; the source file name was specified in the properties file (,,, but the destination was always logo.jpg. How
can I do that?
> Second, the properties file defines the name of the file (resources) to be filtered.
For instance, I have a template for working with Spring Security in LDAP environment and another
template when working when Active Directory; the customer properties file defined the name
of the template to use, but in both cases, the result file needs to be applicationContext-security.xml.
How can i achieve this? Or is there a way to define conditional profiles so that in the customer
.properties file, I would say LDAP or AD, and based on that value, different profile would
be used?
> Many thanks for your help
> Jean-Noël
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