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From Jean-Noël Colin <>
Subject Re: dynamically select resources and apply filtering
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2013 15:19:16 GMT
again, many thanks for your valuable comments; but my issue is that if Maven packages the war
file, it means that the config files have already been customized (think of the spring config
files in WEB-INF for instance); so how can I mix both approaches?



On 26 Feb 2013, at 16:14, Wayne Fay <> wrote:

> I don't want to speak for Ron, but I'll fill in my interpretation of
> his comments...
>> so your suggestion would be to have maven do the compile, and a kind
>> of 'war:exploded', and then run ant to add the customized files and create
>> the war file, is that correct?
> Not at all. I believe he is saying, use Maven for what it does best
> all the way up to the deploy phase. Then invent some other tooling to
> download these files from your MRM and customize them for the various
> clients and environments. The results of that customization may end up
> in your MRM (under a client/environment-specific artifactId, perhaps)
> or simply being installed directly into the various servers they will
> run on.
>> or should I write a plugin that does that for me?
> Well, you'll need to write "something" but not necessarily a Maven
> plugin because this will be running outside of your normal Maven build
> process. It could be in Ant or any other language/tooling.
>> then, what should I use to customise and deploy distribution kits?
> This is undefined from Maven's point of view. Maven helps you build
> the code. What you are talking about is Configuration Management which
> is not one of Maven's core concerns.
> Wayne
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