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From Jörg Schaible <>
Subject Re: Packaging up pre-existing jar and source jar
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2013 23:46:46 GMT
Hi Joachim,

Joachim Durchholz wrote:

> Am 17.01.2013 10:08, schrieb Jörg Schaible:
>>> Ah, I had seen that but thought it was inapplicable because I want to
>>> deploy just to the local repo. But I guess I can tell it to deploy to
>>> ${settings.localRepository}, right?
>> What Anders tells you in a lot of word is: Your last sentence does not
>> make sense in Maven terminology. The local repository is on your home
>> directory and you will *never* deploy something there, "deploy" means
>> always a remote repository.
> Ah okay. Then maven-deploy-plugin isn't for me it seems.
>  > See docs for similar goals:
>> - install:install-file - will add artifact manually to local repo
> Ah nice, good enough for now.
> Yeah I know Anders will facepalm over this, but it can't be helped - I'm
> still not seing the use case for a repo server, I'm using maven as a
> download and build tool for now, deployment (to repositories as well as
> to the public) is months away and I have a gazillion of other issues to
> work on.
>> And yes, a jar that contains only the sources (must have proper layout
>> though) can be installed as an artifact with classifier "sources" (that's
>> what the maven-sources-plugin does) and you can do this manually with one
>> of the goals above - depending on your target.
> I'll just add an execution with install-file in the pom of the
> dependency project I think.
> I think this requires the dependency install to be manually run before
> the main project install. This is counter to Maven's "make the process
> fully automatic" idea, but I don't need that - the dependency needs
> manual intervention to upgrade, so it's no issue to finish the upgrade
> procedure with a mvn install, before returning to the regular scheduled
> main project.
> Would this work?

I never used the install-file goal from within a POM, but basically nobody 
stops you.

> With the itsy bitsy teeny weeny exception that it won't scale beyond a
> single co-contributor or too many dependencies handled in that way. I
> know I'll have to tackle the repository server when that happens.
> Are there other signs of trouble I should be watching out for?

As fast alternative you may create a poor-man's remote repo. A remote 
repository is defined in the end by a URL - and nobody stops you from using 
the file protocol. I'd just define such a repo in your settings.xml and 
point to a dedicated local or shared directory. That way you can still wipe 
your local repo without losing anything or even use such a repo directly in 
a small team.

A full-blown repo manager might give you more comfort and give you more 
control over the downloaded artifacts if used as proxy, but sometimes a 
simple folder hierarchy might be better transportable for private artifacts 
... especially in companies you might not be able to provide access to an 
internal repo manager for offshore devs ;-)

> Thanks to everybody for their time and patience!


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