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From Jörg Schaible <>
Subject Re: Using maven properties inside .java inside annotation in a clean way
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
Hi Baptiste,

Baptiste MATHUS wrote:

> Hi all,
> Note: I know the standard approach to this subject: filtering a
> .properties file and reading it.
> But this does not work when you actually want to use the value inside an
> annotation attribute (needs to be a real constant).
> We actually bind our EJB on specific JNDI URL by doing something like:
> @Stateless
> @EJB(name = "java:global/someejb-${project.version}")
> public class SomeEJB31 { ... }
> Does someone have an idea on how to solve this cleanly?
> We already have a running solution using a dark magical combination of
> antrun/build-helper manipulations, but this gives us a complicated pom to
> maintain and moreover M2E doesn't like it at all.

What are you up to? Do you really want to address you EJBs with "java-
gobal/someejb-2.3.12-SNAPSHOT"? Or is it more like "java-gobal/someejb-2.3" 
, i.e. a "major.minor" pattern?

If it is the latter, you might simply use "sed" and a regular expression to 
update the files from command line every time you update a major/minor 
version and ensure with the verifier plugin, that no java file contains an 
@EJB line that does not contain current major.minor.

- Jörg

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