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From Andrius Velykis <>
Subject [ANN] New Reflow Maven skin released
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2013 11:23:22 GMT
I am pleased to announce the first release of a new Maven skin: Reflow
Maven skin!

The new skin allows generating a Maven site that builds on Bootstrap
and offers responsive design, modern web components, JavaScript
goodies and wide customisation options. See it in action and read the
documentation at Reflow skin website:

Reflow skin aims to modernise the Maven site by providing various
components, layouts, themes and other customisation options. Some of
them are listed below:

- Built on Bootstrap: responsive design, modern CSS and JavaScript components;
- Themes: custom Bootstrap themes or select an excellent free theme
from Bootswatch;
- Layouts: Write in Markdown or APT, then assign different layouts for
page sections, such as carousel, thumbnails, multi-column text and
- New or enhanced components and goodies: table of contents, filtered
menus, code highlighting, image previews and more;
- Flexible customisation: global or per-page configuration of every option;
- Custom Velocity tools: more power to your own Maven skin templates
with tools for skin configuration access and HTML rewriting;
- Sorry, no sidebar navigation for now: tried going for an alternative
look with top and bottom menus.

...and more! Check out the website for all details.

To use it, specify the skin in your site.xml:

<project name="xxx">

Furthermore, the skin requires accompanying Reflow Velocity tools
(lt.velykis.maven.skins:reflow-velocity-tools:1.0.0) as a dependency
as well as Apache Velocity 1.7. Add them as dependencies to
maven-site-plugin. For more info on usage, refer to the website:

The code is open source and licensed under Apache license. Source code
is available on GitHub:

I welcome contributions, issues and feature requests - use the GitHub
repo for that. Hope the skin is useful!


P.S. This project is not part of Apache, but I hope maven-users will
benefit from the announcement.

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