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From Stephen Connolly <>
Subject Re: Packaging up pre-existing jar and source jar
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2013 22:17:37 GMT
First, when you are playing with install:install-file you will find that
you regularly need to blow away your local cache (which is the real name of
the "local repository")... that will kill you downloading everything again,
and because you had to do the install:install-file you have just lost all
those custom artifacts and you are in a world of pain.

Most of the MRMs are trivial to set up and give you a reliable store to
cache in front of you.

Second, repository routing... the killer feature of MRMs. Not everything is
in central. There's the world of crazyness that is the redhat repos, the
old repos, the pile of people who have yet to get why you should
push your stuff to central, or who think pushing to central is hard... and
then you end up with a pom from one repo and an artifact from another...
and the transitive deps are wrong because the poms are different.

An MRM allows you to specify exactly what artifacts can be sourced from
which repositories and also gives you a single flat repository for maven to
pull from...

Third, performance. When you list multiple <repository> in your pom or
settings.xml you force artifact resolution to hit ALL of them. with an MRM
you set <mirrorOf>*</mirrorOf> and you now only hit one, it's local anyway,
it's flattened (because it's a virtual repo) and you have a fast reliable
build and you can scale it out to others.

There's more reasons if you feel you still want some...

On 17 January 2013 21:54, Joachim Durchholz <> wrote:

> You two are really priceless.
> I have heard the message, I have requested concrete reasoning, yet all I
> get is a pat on the shoulder and a commandment to shut up and believe
> already.
> Four mails, and not a SINGLE concrete explanation what could (or will) go
> wrong.
> You decry that people are creating avoidable problems, yet you fail to
> explain what the problems might be, depriving everybody of informed choice.
> Even if it would end up the same as the one you arrived at, but are you
> arrogantly assuming that anybody arriving at different conclusions must be
> entirely, totally wrong?
> And are we now starting to compare me to a boy of four years?
> That's adding insult to injury.
> You fail to answer basic questions (which I'm pretty sure are legit), you
> assume I'm an idiot (which I'm pretty sure I'm not), and I rewrote this
> mail approximately four times to tone it down to a marginally polite form
> (or so I hope).
> Sorry guys, but I think I have full rights to be mightily pissed off right
> now.
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