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From Joachim Durchholz>
Subject Re: Jar file not in maven
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2013 20:58:36 GMT
Am 30.01.2013 21:45, schrieb Lyons, Roy:
> Actually...  if I may.  I might be able to end this a little easier by
> providing some information which I think has been left out of the
> conversation so far.

Thanks, that's very much appreciated.

> Nexus now comes with a functionality of metadata.  You can attach whatever
> metadata you want to an artifact - and you can query Nexus to get the
> information later on.
> The work that would come into play is that you would need to have a plugin
> created which would detect the current scm revision and then attach that
> as metadata to the uploaded artifacts.

If it's plugin writing, why not a plugin that runs from a POM?

With the proper caveats about how to deal with sources (i.e. download 
locations) that can't be assumed 150% stable. (Namely, by downloading 
the stuff by hand and pushing it to some place that you can control and 
keep stable, whether that's a Maven repo, an SVN repo, or just an FTP site).


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