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From Joachim Durchholz>
Subject Re: Best way to retrieve multiple subsets from SVN?
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2013 19:18:11 GMT
Am 24.01.2013 19:53, schrieb Ron Wheeler:
> Seems a pity not to just set it up right at the start and then your
> life with maven would be harmonious. What I suggested is a way to
> use maven in a way that everyone here could help you and your builds
> would be very simple.

Sorry, I must have been missing something then.
I was considering you and me to be in a Q&A phase, with no final advice
given yet.

> Stephen seems to be giving you a solution that fits with what you
> want and he knows maven inside out.

I'm not sure I understand; I was thinking I was already following his

To wrap it all up:

There's that external upstream project providing precompiled jars from a
common SVN tree, which may change any time.
My current approach is a set of minimal checkout-the-jar projects (one
for each jar), plus a parent pom that provides the SCM
coordinates and other commonalities.
Revision number will be bumped manually, at intervals as the
circumstances dictate.
There's some variance as the SVN also contains sources, allowing me to
compile 13 of the 23 jars myself. To get that, I'd vary the checkout to
pull the sources instead of the jars and let Maven do its compile
phases, giving me a functionally equivalent but more complete artifact
set with source and javadoc jars.
I'm using SNAPSHOT until either I publish the artifacts to a downstream
project (highly unlikely), the upstream project declares a stable
version, or I hit some blocker that's not going to be fixed upstream and
I decide to stick with the last upstream version that works for me.

Any obvious flaws with that?


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