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From Ron Wheeler <>
Subject Re: Best way to retrieve multiple subsets from SVN?
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2013 14:00:41 GMT
On 24/01/2013 3:34 AM, Joachim Durchholz wrote:
> Am 24.01.2013 05:39, schrieb Ron Wheeler:
>> You manually put the jars in your Maven repo through its manual upload
>> procedure with some version number (nice if it relates to the version
>> that the authors gave them) and reference them as dependencies.
> That's 13 jars to be built from their sources, and 10 jars that they 
> bundle as external dependencies.
> And since they're in pre-beta, I want to do that on a more-or-less 
> daily basis.
Are the 10 external dependencies changing each day?
Who is building the 13 jars?

How are you going to use SNAPSHOTS in the pre-beta phase?

> I don't think manual extraction is a good option for that.
>> Maven does not really deal with SVN as a jar source.
> I have settled on this plan:
> a) Have one project per jar. (Place commonalities in a parent pom.)
> b) bind an svn export goal to the package phase
> c) configure it to extract the intended jar to target.
> Unless there's anything in that could come back and bite me, that 
> looks like Maven can use SVN as a jar source right out of the box.

If you really believe that you are building something that no one else 
has ever done, you may be justified in breaking new ground.

You are going to be pretty much on your own since no one here is going 
to have any experience in doing what you are planning.
The manuals and books are going to be less help to you since much of 
their processes will not apply to you.

Every time you ask a question, you are going to get a lot of incorrect 
advice and a lot of questions about the context of your questions, if 
anyone has the time to get involved in something that is not clear.

Remember that everyone here is busy with their own projects and take a 
few seconds to scan the incoming stuff to decide whether they have a 
quick answer.
You are not going to meet that criteria for most people.

> Regards,
> Jo
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