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From Toolforger <>
Subject Re: Best way to retrieve multiple subsets from SVN?
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2013 21:48:22 GMT
Am 23.01.2013 21:08, schrieb Ron Wheeler:
> You are probably over-automating things at this point.
> I would suggest getting your maven builds running, go through a full
> release cycle and then look for ways to improve.
> A good thing to remember is:
> Thousands of products have been built with Maven; it is unlikely that
> you want to do something so unusual that no one has done it before.

I know I'm an envelope pusher and have the battle scars to prove it.
So you're about number five or six giving me that speech - I tend to get 
it every three to five years.
Somehow, following recipes doesn't quite work for me. Tools break at me 
if I do that, so I have learned to always push the envelope and hammer 
at the concepts until I grok them. There's always chips flying where I 
hammer - my mind or the concepts, sometimes both.

So while I can understand why you gave that speech, and have given it 
myself on occasion, I tend to ignore such speeches :-)

> is an overview of how we
> handle software development.

Does not apply to my situation, which his that I'm importing jars from 
an external project that I have no control over.

Also, does not apply to what I'm asking, which is: "I have multiple jars 
from an SVN repository, how do I put the jars from a consistent set each 
to its own Maven coordinate?"


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