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From Ron Wheeler <>
Subject Re: <updatePolicy>always</updatePolicy> not working for <releases> with Maven 3.0.4
Date Fri, 18 Jan 2013 14:52:19 GMT
Version 1.0 is not newer than version 1.0.
No need to download a new copy since there is not one any newer than 1.0 
which it already has.

You probably should go to SNAPSHOTs and try to find a way to release in 
stages- low level code should be able to be tested and released without 
releasing the high level stuff.

It requires a bit more discipline in the development cycle and a 
willingness to admit to testing errors which require manual deletion of 
artifacts that get released before all the bugs are out.

On the bright side:
It is kind of motivating (at least to the project manager) to be able to 
say that you have released 10 of the 15+ components and only have 5+ to 
go before the release is done.
It also makes everyone aware of the importance on interface 
specifications and the need to test at the component level.
It also makes programmers stand behind their work and give an implied 
warranty to their colleagues with each new SNAPSHOT and release.


On 18/01/2013 3:22 AM, Jörg Schaible wrote:
> Hi,
> Maven User wrote:
>> We produce a large application from the artifacts of 15+ components, many
>> which contain multiple modules.  The version numbers are all the same, and
>> a build cycle takes about four hours.
>> Late in a development cycle we run numbered (i.e. non “-SNAPSHOT”) builds
>> in continuous integration mode.  Doing so facilitates quicker turnaround
>> times of last minute bugs.  Once a package is actually delivered to QA we
>> return to producing -SNAPSHOT artifacts.
> What does that mean in real?
>> We are aware re-producing numbered artifacts is not a best practice.  Part
>> of the reason we felt like running a numbered build in CI mode would work
>> is the “update policy” option which is available for "releases." See
>>  By our
>> reading, this setting should enable the updating of numbered artifacts in
>> the local Maven cache with a newer version from the central repository (we
>> are using Artifactory Pro 2.5.1).
>> Instead, we observe this behavior:
>> Starting from an empty local Maven cache, the build of component #2 works
>> as designed.
>> However, after component #1 is rebuilt, a rebuild of component #2, which
>> is dependent on the jar file produced by the build of component #1, the
>> execution of “mvn –U clean deploy” fails to update the recently modified
>> numbered artifact in the local Maven cache.
>> The routine below is part of ${MAVEN_HOME}/conf/settings.xml:
>>    <profiles>
>>      <profile>
>>          <id>Repositories</id>
>>          <activation>
>>                <activeByDefault>true</activeByDefault>
>>          </activation>
>>          <repositories>
>>              <repository>
>>                    <id>Artifactory</id>
>>                    <name>Artifactory Public Mirror</name>
> <url></url>
>>                    <layout>default</layout>
>>                    <releases>
>>                        <enabled>true</enabled>
>>                        <updatePolicy>always</updatePolicy>
> A release is a release i.e. a unique artifact. There will be no updates. You
> may set this as well to "none".
>>                    </releases>
>>                    <snapshots>
>>                        <enabled>true</enabled>
>>                        <updatePolicy>always</updatePolicy>
>>                    </snapshots>
>>                </repository>
>>          </repositories>
>>        </profile>
>>      </profiles>
>> Does anyone have any insight into why the local Maven cache is not being
>> updated with the newer numbered artifacts from our Artifactory repository?
> Depends on your real numbering scheme. E.g. as Maven n00bs we tried once a
> development scheme like
> 1.0-SNAPSHOT --> 1.0.0 --> 1.0-SNAPSHOT --> 1.0.1 --> 1.0-SNAPSHOT
> This fails miserably, because 1.0-SNAPHSOT is the equivalent of 1.0.0-
> SNAPSHOT and therefore the SNAPSHOT is always considered to be of a lesser
> number than any release.
> See, what I mean?
> - Jörg
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