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From Ron Wheeler <>
Subject Re: Packaging up pre-existing jar and source jar
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2013 22:20:35 GMT
On 17/01/2013 4:54 PM, Joachim Durchholz wrote:
> You two are really priceless.
> I have heard the message, I have requested concrete reasoning, yet all 
> I get is a pat on the shoulder and a commandment to shut up and 
> believe already.
> Four mails, and not a SINGLE concrete explanation what could (or will) 
> go wrong.
> You decry that people are creating avoidable problems, yet you fail to 
> explain what the problems might be, depriving everybody of informed 
> choice. Even if it would end up the same as the one you arrived at, 
> but are you arrogantly assuming that anybody arriving at different 
> conclusions must be entirely, totally wrong?
You are not the first person to want to do this.
They end up here with a stream of questions and problems that were 
They eventually decide to do things the "Maven way" and start to be 
happy about Maven.

I have no idea about what trouble your path will get into since you seem 
to want to make up your own build pattern.
If you want a full description of the problems and frustration that I 
had before we got the Maven Repo, just search the archives for my name.

> And are we now starting to compare me to a boy of four years?
> That's adding insult to injury.
Sorry if I contributed to your sense of being disrespected.
We are only trying to give you benefit of what we have seen and try to 
convince you to at least trying to do it the right way once.
If you don't like the "Maven way" after trying it, you are free to use 
another build methodology such as Ant.
There is nothing wrong with using Ant if you don't like Maven.
> You fail to answer basic questions (which I'm pretty sure are legit), 
> you assume I'm an idiot (which I'm pretty sure I'm not), and I rewrote 
> this mail approximately four times to tone it down to a marginally 
> polite form (or so I hope).
> Sorry guys, but I think I have full rights to be mightily pissed off 
> right now.
I have my own business to run and I have a lot to do in a day.
I am not under any obligation to provide you anything.
I am just a small developer like you with some Maven experience.

I have been visiting this forum for 4+ years to get help from other 
Everyone here tries to give you the best advice possible for free.

If you want professional advice and want someone to take the time to 
explain why your path is going to get you into trouble, you can get a 
contract from one of the Maven guys that provide consulting service.
You got the free advice from some of the best Maven guys around.
If you want to use Maven at all and get any help at all, you are very 
wise to keep editing your e-mails carefully.

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