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From Stuart Maclean <>
Subject Re: JNI jars dependencies
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2013 20:45:55 GMT
Sorry Martin, I missed some of your points:

>> Hi from a newbie.MG>a newbie with extensive experience with maven and make files!

Ah yes, I meant new to mailing list ;)

com.wapmx.native loader can unpack it at runtime. MG>is this 
NativeLoader what you're alluding 

Essentially yes, that is it.  I did try contacting the original author, 
to no avail.  I can't recall now if I was able to get that artifact from 
a repo or had to install it manually.

of a poor man's AOL (from the nar plugin, which I ended up NOT using). 
MG>did'nt catch the reasons why you do'nt want to use nar..explain please

I didn't use NAR as I was worried it was unsupported,fragmented and 
overly optimistic on what it was trying to achieve.  I could live with 
the exec plugin firing make, I am happy in make myself.tion across many
>> platform Makefiles. MG>smart ..OS and compiler specific variables should be aggregated
in OS and compiler specific profiles

Yes.  I cannot fathom why there is no easier way to run javah from 
Maven.  It certainly isn't 'native' the way gcc is 'native'.  It's a 
standard Java tool running on .class files.  OK, it produces C headers 
but that doesn't make it 'native'.  I may switch to the antrun-plugin 
for the javah step, since the native-maven-plugin looks a bit alpha 
itself, and I don't use it for any 'heavy lifting', I use make.
> MG>app code?
> MG>JNI ?MG>How is the app PATHed to native binaries?

See last post, you don't need any LD_LIBRARY_PATH nor -Djava.library.path.

I should qualify this by saying that in PRINCIPLE this should all work 
on Windows, I have NOT actually tested it, I have just tested Linux 32 
and 64 bit.


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