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From "Winsor, Daniel" <>
Subject Optional dependency not overlaid
Date Sat, 08 Dec 2012 01:32:26 GMT

I have declared an optional dependency, but it is not being overlaid with maven-war-plugin
v 2.0














                <!-- default self overlay -->













When optional is set to false, then

[INFO] Assembling webapp some-webapp-war in /target/some-webapp-war

[INFO] Expanding: /.m2/repository/to-be-overlaid.war into /target/to-be-overlaid

[INFO] Overlaying 1 war(s).

When optional is set to true, then no such overlaying happens.

However, according to optional dependencies, if some-webapp-war optionally depends on to-be-overlaid,
well it should show up in this first level dependency, just like normal.  What is going on
here?  And how can I best overlay a war to certain other wars while leaving them out of most
wars using parent-of-everything (I am currently using a property in the skip parameter in

Thank you,
Daniel Winsor
Associate, IT Architecture

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