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From Peter Palmreuther <>
Subject No compile errors with plexus-compiler-eclipse
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2012 07:47:08 GMT

I'm trying to make use of plexus-compiler-eclipse by setting


in pom.xml.

mvn compile

works, but in fact I still have errors in my code (I'm actually porting an ant and xdoclet
based project to maven).
But instead of getting errors I see a lot of warnings and build succeeds.

The warnings are not only about 

"Hashtable is a raw type. References to generic type Hashtable<K,V> should be parameterized"

which I'd expect as a warning only, but also

"Type mismatch: cannot convert from Object to MyBusinessFacadeRemote"
"MyBusinessServlet cannot be resolved"
"Unreachable catch block for RemoteException. This exception is never thrown from the try
statement body"
"The import cannot be resolved"

or even whole types (formerly xdoclet generated types I partially need to create manually
by myself and haven't done yet).
These I'd expect to pop up as an error and fail the build. Instead it's only printed as a
warning and build continues.

Am I configuring maven-compiler-plugin - and plexus-compile-eclipse - the wrong way?
Or is plexus-compiler-eclipse not raising these errors as such at all, which would render
it quite a bit useless at the moment?
Thanks in advance,
and best regards,

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