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From Niranjan Rao <>
Subject Re: Maven profiles and resource filtering
Date Wed, 26 Dec 2012 18:54:48 GMT
I read the blog entry and still confused about why we should not be 
using profiles. Perhaps I am just being dumb.

As for our particular case, maven and resource filtering actually has 
been very helpful to us. We have multiple locations where development 
happens, each location has its own setup of database/message queue and 
other external resources application needs. With the help of resource 
filtering, we are able to set right options in the configuration files 
so that developers don't step on each other shoes. Each one gets his own 
"namespace" as far external resources are concerned. Every developer is 
required to execute the complete test suite in their own environment 
before pushing their changes.

There are couple profiles we use during hudson builds - one meant for 
CI, almost same as developer's profile, does run destructive unit tests 
on DB - same tests developers are required to run. Other for actually 
creating the build, which "skips" the unit tests and does a build with 
proper properties so that build can work on QA servers and not destroy 
the data QA team has built.

As far as I can see its just properties file and values get replaced in 
maven way. Except for QA build, same unit tests get executed, only 
difference being names/locations of external resources changed based on 
profile. Only "hack" I can think of is bit of dependency injection that 
sets db name slightly differently during unit tests. The reason behind 
this is developers not loosing the "working" data when the destructive 
units tests run. But again, its transparent to application and 
application just works with the interface, concrete implementation 
changes based on whether its running as part of main app or as unit test.

Am I missing something?



On 12/21/2012 12:32 PM, Stephen Connolly wrote:
> Please don't do maven the way you are doing it
> On Friday, 21 December 2012, Niranjan Rao wrote:
>> Greetings,
>> We have bunch of profiles and corresponding resource filtering which all
>> works great. One frequent problem that we encounter team members often
>> forget to add new values in profile/filter property file of other profiles
>> than the one they are currently using. Naturally results are disastrous.
>>   Normally we can find quickly which property is not filtered correctly and
>> fix it but this is tedious.
>> I am wondering if there is any way to catch missing properties at build
>> time. That is when maven sees a property definition during filtering phase
>> which has variable declaration and could not locate the value, can it raise
>> the error and let the build fail?
>> Thanks,
>> Niranjan
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