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From Claudio Bantaloukas <>
Subject Re: Unifying maven-nar-plugin implementations
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2012 17:00:38 GMT
Great news for the project, it looks very promising, especially for working
on jni libs.

I have no personal interest in the project anymore as it has served its
purpose for me (building a legacy jni lib on windows AIX and linux)

I had only made two commits
and both had errors as I was still completely unaware of git's

These allow building with gcc on AIX, which is a generally unsupported
platform. So if you want to commit these, please be careful, especially
with the second one as there is also a change in the repos inside the pom.

Let me know if there's some way I can help.

Regards to all
Claudio Bantaloukas

On Fri, Oct 5, 2012 at 6:28 PM, Martin Eisengardt <> wrote:

> Hi.
>  However the first topic is to group a team that will be well active and
> that will be adoting all forks. I suggest to choose one github project and
> declare it to be the new main project.
> One fork by one should be merged and than deleted. Maybe we should choose
> richards or gregs project (that one that is the most recent) and create a
> wiki. Within the wiki we should dicuss some things because we all have
> experiences and want to customize maven-nar-plugin.
>  Deploying to maven central or even becoming a core plugin could be the
> second topic after having an established project group.
> Let us say we have to do some homework. :)
>  Greg, Richard? Fine for you to choose one of your forks being the
> "official" one?
> So I suggest to sum up the topics for our homeworks. However I do not know
> the current merge status. But I would like to work on the following three
> topics:
> 1) multiple compiles on one invocation (f.e. win-32 plus win-64)
> 2) cross compilation with gcc
> 3) adding new platforms after already having a release.
>   Greetings
> On Fri, Oct 5, 2012 at 6:09 PM, Curtis Rueden <> wrote:
>> Greetings maven-nar-plugin hackers!
>> I am writing to gauge interest in a unified implementation of
>> maven-nar-plugin. It seems there are several active (and not-so-active)
>> forks. It seems the original implementation (@duns) is no longer active,
>> but both @GregDomjan and @richardkerr have active forks (the latter forked
>> from the former), and merge improvements from other forks too.
>> Before we were aware of this, my colleague (Johannes Schindelin) & I
>> started another fork (@scijava) to address some issues we had. which have
>> since been merged into the @GregDomjan fork (although I could not find a
>> cherry-picked commit... it must have been done in some non-standard way?).
>> I would be happy to deprecate the @scijava fork in favor of the
>> @GregDomjan code, if we can agree to standardize on one officially
>> maintained repository. If we do go that route, it should not be too
>> difficult to start releasing versions to Maven Central. Can all agree to
>> start submitting PRs to Greg for any future patches, rather than silently
>> maintaining our own forks? Greg, what do you think? Others?
>> Apache/Sonatype/Codehaus developers: It appears that there was once a
>> push for Apache to adopt maven-nar-plugin as a core plugin. Is that effort
>> abandoned now? Is a unified GitHub project the best way forward for
>> maven-nar-plugin? Or would it make more sense for one of the big Maven
>> umbrella groups to adopt it instead?
>> Thanks,
>> Curtis
>> On Fri, Sep 14, 2012 at 10:34 AM, Martin Eisengardt <
>>> wrote:
>>> The author (@duns) seems to be not actve any more. However I failed
>>> contacting him for a while.
>>> And there is a second one being active:
>>> (do not know how to
>>> contact this guy)
>>> However both try to merge the forks being around. And they like any kind
>>> of help. If there are some people around that want to give it a new try
>>> that would be nice.
>>> I guess the original plugin was some kind of sandbox @ sonatype. I do
>>> not know if we should simply group up some people that officially will
>>> maintain it and I do not know if even sonatype or others are interested.
>>> However for being pragmatic I would say to choose one of the active
>>> forks, grouping a new team and granting commit rights to the people that
>>> want to maintain it.
>>> I am able to provide both, a repository and a hudson as long as this is
>>> not moved to maven central.
>>> However I am personally focused on compiling php/php-extensions and
>>> using maven-nar-plugin to access them with maven. Multi-Platform compiles/
>>> Cross-Platform compiles
>>> I will come back to the project as soon as our build server knows how to
>>> do cross compiles for various platforms.
>>> On Fri, Sep 14, 2012 at 5:09 PM, Curtis Rueden <>wrote:
>>>> Hi Martin,
>>>>> There is a problem with the [maven-nar-plugin] project because there
>>>>> are tens of orks on github. If you have any questions about it please
>>>>> I have contact to one of the ative authors and we try to merge all the
>>>>> forks.
>>>> I am guilty of one of those forks. We submitted a PR (
>>>> but never heard back,
>>>> so we had no choice.
>>>> It looks like the canonical version at duns/maven-nar-plugin has not
>>>> been updated for nearly two years. Is that going to change? It would be
>>>> great for this very valuable plugin to be maintained!
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Curtis

Claudio Bantaloukas

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