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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Seeking Maven Way advice: repos in project profile?
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2012 22:39:18 GMT

On 23/10/2012, at 9:09 AM, Laird Nelson <> wrote:

> A user of my jpa-maven-plugin (
> was complaining that he didn't know what repos to proxy (EclipseLink in
> particular staunchly refuses to migrate their stuff to Central; their repo
> is broken; we've tried to get them to fix it for years).  We had an email
> exchange about it during which I was sending him XML snippets for his
> settings.xml.  I was wondering if there was some way to indicate in a
> slightly more rigorous manner than just "here, copy and paste this hunk of
> XML" to public consumers such as this what repositories to proxy in their
> own Nexus setups, or, as in his case, in his own settings.xml (I have no
> control over whether he sets up a repository manager or not).
> I was looking for a semi-structured solution that would:
> (a) Do The Right Thing (i.e. nothing) for those of us running repository
> managers,
> (b) provide information for those of us running repository managers on what
> repositories to proxy, and
> (c) provide a simple switch to let other users get what they need
> (-PnameOfTheProfileContainingNonCentralRepositoriesForLazyPeopleWhoDoNotSetUpNexus)

Repositories in the POM are always a trade-off between making your build work "out of the
box", and the problems they cause. They are almost always the wrong choice, but I believe
your use case is the one exception (a public plugin) where it makes sense to just add them.
The way I've approached this in another project is to add them to the plugin's POM, but also
document for users how to set up a repository manager:

Others here will likely disagree :)

- Brett

Brett Porter

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