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From Steinar Bang>
Subject maven-archetype-simple: JUnit 3.8 is really old.
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2012 08:55:18 GMT
I created a project with maven-archetype-simple, and it creates a
project with a dependey to JUnit 3.8.1.

JUnit 3.8.1 is really old.  In fact it's so old I've been unable to
google when it was released.  The oldest relase I find is the release of
JUnit 4.5 in 2008

Ah... found something: Release date: 5 September 2002.

Really, really old!

I would have liked to report an issue for this, but I have been unable
to figure out what the newest version is, and what issues have been
reported and fixed.

The newest site for maven-archetype-plugin seems to be for version
1.0-alpha7, dated February 8 2008

The issue site shows versions 2.3, 2.4, and 2.x, all listed under the
heading of "Unreleased":

I am confused...

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