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From Anthony Dahanne <>
Subject Re: strategy for incorporating private jars into a project
Date Wed, 19 Sep 2012 15:09:46 GMT
why don't you push those private jars as snapshot versions into your
local nexus ?
Then in your build, use something like -U to make sure maven grabs the
latest snapshots.

On Wed, Sep 19, 2012 at 11:04 AM, mlandman99 <> wrote:
> Hi,
> My java project has several dependencies, both external (i.e. in the public
> repo) and private (built by our own company). It's a QA project, that can be
> run locally in Eclipse, and also runs on a CI server (teamcity). When it
> 'builds', it runs then maven phase: "integration-test", which then runs
> testNG tests within my classes. So far so good.
> Unfortunately the private jars that it uses are not under any sort of
> control. They are built by a different team in my company, and are placed in
> an available network-share, but that's it. They don't seem to be properly
> 'versioned', and are not placed in any local (nexus) repository, unless I
> manually put them there.
> For running nightly automated testing, I want to ensure I always utilize the
> most recent version of those private jars. So far, I've manually placed a
> version of them in a local nexus repo, and they are successfully pulled down
> when teamcity runs the build. But I don't have a way of getting the nightly
> builds up inside that nexus repo. Even if I did, they would always just be
> "version 1.0" and probably won't be re-downloaded anyway.
> So... I'm looking for suggestions re: a strategy on how to *ensure* that
> each time my project is built, that it properly grabs the new version of
> those private jars, of which the only reliable way to access them is in a
> network share drive. The other public jars are successfully managed by
> maven.
> Is there a way to use Maven to help me pull in these private jars that exist
> on a network share? If anyone has any suggestions on a strategy re: how I
> can proceed, I'd appreciate it!
> Thanks!
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