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From Peter Palmreuther <>
Subject Re: Dependency hel(l|p)
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2012 05:13:50 GMT

I'm sorry for any confusion, but behind the given download link
there's on the right side a block with date, file size and comment.
Below this block there's a download button. And to it works.

It would for sure have been easier to attach the archive, especially
as it's only a few K in size. But I assumed this list might block
attachments. So the next easy solution to me was to upload it
somewhere always accessible.

I can only assure I never was nor am trying to trick you to install malware.


On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 8:41 AM, Anders Hammar <> wrote:
> It might just be me being an Internet idiot, but I tried downloading
> and just got downloads for some download manager or other junk. Please
> make it easy for us to help! I'm not even sure this is for real or if
> you're someone trying to trick us to install some malware.
> Just wasted time which I could have spent helping you,
> /Anders
> On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 8:11 AM, Peter Palmreuther
> <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I hope somebody on this list can help me with - or knows a location to
>> find help for - a dependency problem.
>> I have a bunch of projects:
>> +master
>>   + plain
>>     - java-lib
>>     - bind-one
>>     - bind-two
>>   + jee
>>     - ejb
>>     - ear
>> '+' are 'pom', i.e. reactor-, projects, '-' are 'jar', 'ejb' and 'ear' projects.
>> 'ejb' depends on all 'plain' projects (provided), so does 'ear' (runtime).
>> 'bind-two' depends on 'java-lib' (currently provided, tried compile,
>> but makes no difference).
>> I'm able to 'mvn package' and 'mvn install' without any hassle.
>> But 'mvn dependency:tree' or 'mvn source:aggregate' fails, unless I
>> had successfully run 'mvn install' for the current version before.
>> What's wrong here? Are my dependencies creepy, or is there something
>> going wrong in dependency and source plugin?
>> For those interested in inspecting this (and pointing me towards my
>> probably obvious mistake by banging my head onto it) I've created a
>> minimal example I'm capable to reproduce this behavior with:
>> Thanks in advance,
>> and best regards,
>> Peter

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