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From mlandman99 <>
Subject Re: strategy for incorporating private jars into a project
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2012 20:04:50 GMT
Baptiste MATHUS wrote
> +1.
> There's many possibilities to do that. But are you aware that mvn deploy
> is
> already going to timestamp SNAPSHOTs? Isn't that sufficient?>

Just found that out yesterday, and am using it, awesome!

My project is dependent on another maven project that I have control over,
as well as 4-5 internally built jars that I don't have control over. All of
these dependencies might change daily and I'd like them in the repo as

Let's call "my" project "project 1" and the project it's dependent on,
"project 2".

For project 2, I have control over building it, and so I have configured the
nexus repo info in the POM file for that project. On my CI server, I build
that project first, and I have the maven goal "deploy" defined, and it is
properly deploying the snapshot (with timestamp) to the nexus repo. And when
Project 1 builds later with the -U parameter, it is always downloading the
most recent snapshot of Project 2 from the repo. Cool!

My problem lies with the 4-5 jars (that are built nightly) that Project 1 is
dependent on, that are NOT built by maven projects. Specifically, all I have
a mounted drive to a network share and know that the (new) .jars will be
there, but that's about it. I'd like to automate the process of getting
those to the repo (as an updated SNAPSHOT version) immediately prior to my
project building, so that I'll pull down the latest version. But unless I'm
missing something, I don't see any easy way to use maven plugins to deploy
those files, since they're not artifacts of a project I'm building.

What is the easiest way to do that? I suppose I could write a script that
runs some kind of nexus-related command line or maven command line that will
somehow deploy these 4-5 files as -SNAPSHOT to the repo. But how?

I think some of my confusion is probably due to never using maven at the
command line. I use it via m2e, or the CI server has been invoking it for
me. If there is a way to get an external file into a repo via a command
line, I'm not sure how to do it. :)

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