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From Benson Margulies <>
Subject Re: [mvn] bad artifacs returned
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2012 21:54:11 GMT
I  think that the suggestion to validate items returned is a good one
that we should raise with, I think, Aether.

On Wed, Jul 4, 2012 at 2:38 PM, Ron Wheeler
<> wrote:
> There should be a BIG note on the Maven front page and on the download page.
> "Do NOT even think about using Maven until you have your Maven repo running!
> This means you!!! When applied without a repo, Maven is hazardous and may
> cause rage, intense loathing of your vocation and a desire to kick an
> innocent person, animal or inanimate object or to write ill-tempered e-mail
> to forums.
> Seriously, you will not like the experience and you may get hurt and waste
> days.
> If anything does not work and you do not have a repo, you are on your own
> and will have to depend on the pity of strangers!"
> This whole problem would not even be in the forum if a repo had been
> installed.
> Ron
> On 04/07/2012 12:42 PM, Wayne Fay wrote:
>>> in fact content of any jar or pom or sha downloaded is the html page
>>> explaining the user that
>>> *** Internet2 Shibboleth Project has moved ***
>>> what is wrong ?
>>> who has to act ?
>> This is the result of a poorly configured Maven repository. This is
>> not Maven's fault.
>> The shibboleth repository should not return http 200 status code when
>> it is unable to serve the proper file, which is what it is doing.
>> Maven interprets the http 200 status code as "everything is OK" and
>> saves the resulting HTML as the pom or jar file you requested.
>> Ideally there would be some Maven magic which checks the contents of
>> the file and ensures it seems like a reasonable pom, jar, war, etc
>> before saving it to the local repo cache but that does not currently
>> exist beyond a feature request in JIRA.
>> Problems like this hopefully teach people to be aware of what Maven
>> repositories they are linking to for dependencies and become a little
>> bit more cautious about them. Also if you were running a proper MRM
>> like Nexus, this problem would be dealt with in the MRM. For the best
>> Maven-experience, you really need to be running an MRM.
>> Wayne
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