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From Chris Redekop <>
Subject Eclipse Plugin and Project Links to Independent Projects
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2012 17:49:19 GMT
(How) can I use the Eclipse plugin to create Eclipse project files
that refer to an dependency A) with an Eclipse project link instead of
B) as a JAR in the repo?  The dependency in this case is A) NOT a
module of the parent project (where 'mvn eclipse:eclipse' is executed)
and B) NOT built with Maven.

Project links work well between modules in a multi-module project, and
the -Declipse.workspace property provides some related functionality;
but its workspace scan only seems to recognize other Maven projects.

I am looking for something like -Declipse.workspace but more direct
and fully contained within the plugin configuration: a map between
dependencies and Eclipse projects that says, "when you are generating
Eclipse project files and hit this dependency, refer to this Eclipse
project instead of the artifact's JAR in the repo."

The use case here is migrating one of an organization's existing
builds to Maven while NOT migrating ALL an organization's builds.  We
currently have a mix of Maven/non-Maven builds cohabitating in the
same Eclipse workspace.  In this environment, dependencies from
Maven-built projects to non-Maven-built projects appear twice:
1) as a JAR dependency and
2) as an Eclipse project where active development takes place.

The duplicate project/class definition is causing confusion.

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