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From Wayne Fay <>
Subject Re: Cannot properly deploy WAB, getting NullPointerException
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2012 13:31:38 GMT
> I'm getting very strange error in Glassfish 3.1.2. I have a WAB package
> with Primefaces. The WAB file is not deployed properly. This is the POM
> file:

First off, please don't post massive logs from someone else's product
here -- what do you expect the Maven Users list to do about your
problems with Glassfish??

Now, does it seem reasonable that anyone with a problem deploying a
WAR file they happened to build with Maven would come here for all
future support with that WAR file? No.

Go post this on the Glassfish list and they should be able to help you
sort out what isn't working properly in Glassfish.

THEN you can come back here and maybe we can help you to configure
things in Maven so your WAR file is built properly.


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