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From Pascal Rapicault <>
Subject Hooking before and after a phase
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2012 21:25:19 GMT

I have a situation where I need to execute a mojo just before the execution of the mojo bound
to the phase. Is there a way to achieve this without binding my mojo to the previous phase
but to the phase that I'm interested in?

For example, the "eclipse-plugin" packaging type has the following phases:
- […]
- process-test-resources
- package (which itself executes 2 mojos)
- […]

I would like to execute a mojo just before the first mojo of the package phase is executed,
or even better in between the execution of the two mojos executed by the package phase.

I could hook my mojo to the process-test-resources but I feel that this is incorrect since
the execution of my mojo should only happen if the package phase does, otherwise it may screw
up following builds.


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