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From Brian Topping <>
Subject Re: Can't figure out how to filter resources
Date Sun, 10 Jun 2012 16:42:58 GMT

On Jun 10, 2012, at 11:57 AM, Patrick wrote:

> Now, how would I go about trying to improve the documentation?  I thought that it should
either have a note explicitly mentioning that the resources section does not go in a plugin
block, or the first pom.xml should have the ellipses removes, and it should be listed as a
complete example.

Good sentiments, but the ellipses convention is used elsewhere around teh internets as well.
 Further, basic knowledge of XML tree structure precludes having both data and other elements
as children of an element, something this documentation convention clearly violates.  In other
words, it should stand out as something obviously used for illustration.

As far as complete examples, your contributions might be useful in,
but one of the benefits of the current documentation format is people can find what they need
fast, without the clutter of having to wade through complete examples in every situation.
 It may not suit your taste, but work with it for a while and you'll get used to it.

Finally, don't forget how important it is to search projects that successfully use Maven for
example code.  Even the resources plugin source itself has integration tests that demonstrate
the different features and how to configure for them.

Hope that helps!

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