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From Johannes Schindelin <>
Subject RE: Reducing SNAPSHOT redundancy
Date Tue, 08 May 2012 15:22:03 GMT
Dear Todd,

On Tue, 8 May 2012, Thiessen, Todd (Todd) wrote:

> In my experience, I notice a certain lifecycle with builds.  They start
> off relatively small but as the releases and years pass, the build grows
> and evolves.  More things get tacked on, more modules get added, and so
> forth.
> I find that over time, the earlier modules of the build change less and
> less. There can be any number of reasons for this (feature content for
> that area is relatively stable and needs fewer and fewer enhancements,
> etc..). Whatever the reason, what this tells me is that those modules no
> longer need to be built over and over again. They can be broken out into
> their own trunk and built and versioned independently.  This would
> shorten your build time, which is vital in a CI kind of environment
> where you want to have a change tested and get feedback on the build as
> quickly as possible.

I am sorry, I disagree here. Breaking this out into different repositories
-- when the code is logically one single project -- makes an artificial
distinction just for the sake of helping the tools, at the cost of making
it more difficult for new developers and thereby constructing a new
barrier to entry, incurring a substantial social debt.

See, at the moment it is as easy as

	git clone git://
	cd imagej


We would like to retain that ease of developing ImageJ, but on the other
hand also reduce the amounts of data downloaded by developers who create
projects on top of ImageJ. They should not need to download new snapshot
versions every day when nothing might have changed.

I appreciate your concern and your help in trying to improve our workflow,
but in my opinion, changing the setup just to accomodate the current
capabilities of the tools would be the wrong thing.

If anybody has a suggestion how to teach Maven to avoid uploading "new"
snapshot versions when nothing changed at all (except for the timestamps
in the .jar file, that's all), I would be very grateful.


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