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From Olivier Lamy <>
Subject Re: 409 Conflict - snapshots/releases repositories
Date Fri, 04 May 2012 15:50:18 GMT
The best is to ask artifactory (it looks to be the mrm you use) mailing list.

2012/5/4 Vitor Miranda <>:
> The error:
> "ArtifactDescriptorException: Failed to read artifact descriptor for
> javax.faces:jsf-api:jar:1_1_01: ArtifactResolutionException: Could not
> transfer artifact javax.faces:jsf-api:pom:1_1_01 from/to snapshots-repo (
> http://ip/artifactory/snapshots-repo): Failed to transfer
> http://ip/artifactory/snapshots-repo/javax/faces/jsf-api/1_1_01/jsf-api-1_1_01.pom.
> Error code 409, Conflict"
> Hi!
> Anyone know exactly what happens when you set
> <snapshots|releases><enabled>true</enabled></snapshots|releases>
on the
> repository section? The documentation and my intuition said that, if you
> set one to false, Maven won't even care to search/download the specified
> type of artifact from that repository. If it's true, Maven will look on
> that repository for that type of the artifact . If it doesn't find, just go
> on and look on other repositories, if any are defined. Fair enough to me,
> but I had this issue which took me hours to solve:
> We have four repositories.
> - Snapshots
> - Releases (which is empty so far)
> - External
> - Release/Legacy (was the first repo created, will migrate to External soon)
> The first two are what they are meant to, External is a repository for the
> 3rd party artifacts that we use (no snapshots there) and Legacy also has
> 3rd party artifacts (no snapshots also). Then there's this POM which
> references three other POMs, which then have dependencies. All were
> deployed on the Snapshots repo. Some of the jar dependencies were on
> legacy, others on external. I was getting the infamous 409 - Conflict at 3
> or 4 artifacts when adding one of the "super poms" as a dependency -
> doesn't happen when adding a specifc jar dependency.
> Solution: set <releases><enabled>false</enabled></releases> on
> snapshots repo configuration.
> Why? I don't get this. It's ok to filter releases/snapshots to the correct
> repositories, but why this error? To show an example: when adding the
> highest parent pom, I get the 409 I pasted above on 4 artifacts. All of
> those are on legacy, and none is a snapshot. So maven tries to get a
> release-type artifact from a snapshot repo only. Obviously there's nothing
> there (but I didn't specify Maven to not get from it (enabled is true), so
> it's ok). What I'd expect to happen: can't find the artifact here (which,
> in case, there actually ISN'T any similar artifact there), I'll just move
> to the other repositories. What happens: 409.
> At least we found a solution, but I'd appreciate any help on understanding
> this issue.
> Thanks!
> --
> Vitor Branco de Miranda
> BCC - UFSCar - São Carlos/SP
> +55 19 92013531

Olivier Lamy
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